Mormon church is fighting a losing battle.

Here is a post from Made Guy at RFM:

Today, the Mormon Church is fighting a war for survival on two fronts. Both appear to be losing battles. On one front, the battle is against the evaporating interest in religion in general. This has been increasing dramatically in the last decade or so thanks partly to authors like Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. On the second front, the Morg is fighting to survive the internet tide of historical truth that threatens to swamp the USS restoration. The bilge pumps known as FARMS, FAIR, and SHIELDS, are running full blast.

Military strategists know fighting on two fronts is bad. Hitler was severely warned by his generals, but ignored them and invaded Russia. Germany collapsed.

On one front the battle is against the internet, loaded with information that calls into question the historical reality of Christianity. Books that attempt to show Christianity as a re-telling of an earlier Pagan myth have been appearing in greater number. Some examples are, ‘The Jesus Mysteries’ by Tim Freke and Peter Gandy; ‘The Jesus Puzzle‘ by Earl Doherty, and ‘Did Jesus Exist?‘ by George A. Wells. This idea has been around for more than a century, since German historian Bruno Bauer published a series of articles in 1840 arguing that the Jesus story is a myth. This subject has been taboo by academics ever since, but as the story of Christianity continues to undergo academic scrutiny, the taboo is losing its grip. The idea of the Jesus Myth is slowly moving to the mainstream. The Morg probably never expected to fight on this front.

On the other front, the church is fighting to hide its embarrassing, and toxic history from faithful members who have been assimilating the fairy tale for years and play the game for keeps, donating their time and money. It is these people the church cannot lose. These people run things, pump in money, and keep the temples in business. The battle on front one is to bring in new members. The battle on front two is to keep the members they already have. Neither battle is going well, so the church must have plans for an endgame, a way to survive. The leaders will probably not retreat to the bunker to commit suicide.

If new converts continue to stay away in droves, the church will likely shrink through attrition. Members get old and die, some leave, and so new members are necessary to fill the void and prevent a church-wide going-out-of-business sale. As rational people leave the church and rational non-members increasingly yawn at the idea of buying into the fairy tale, the only ones left will be the cultural prisoners, the naïve, and the needy; true believers think they are the only ones left on the planet who know their spiritual asses from their elbows, and hang their hopes on the belief that, ‘surely God will flush this fucking toilet soon.’

So part of the endgame is realizing that the members’ only purpose is to give legitimacy to the corporation’s claim to being a ‘church’ the same way that a product gives legitimacy to a multi-level marketing scheme. The real purpose of both is to recruit more sheep so the rich at the top can have it easy. The product just gives them both a reason to exist.

The rest of the endgame is to grow business and investment income until they can replace tithing income. When the church frees itself from relying on tithing income to survive, their survival will seem assured. Movement in this direction is evidenced by massive real estate investments like the mall project, cattle ranches, and media acquisitions. Look for more to come.

So this family of true believers, insulating themselves from a world ripe with sin, will look ever more like the mental incompetents Jack Nicholson found so amusing in ‘Cuckoos’ Nest,’ and the only thing the leaders will have to do, besides investing their tithes, is to keep reminding them how wicked the world is, and prevent them from seeing the lovely flowers growing out the window.

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  1. semifiction Says:

    Howdy, maybe Mormonism is losing ground simply because it is BS. Thanx for your comment by the way, if you are interested in more leakage from the Mormon Church, check out

  2. mikey9a Says:

    couldn’t stay away. No desire to be part of the church, you don’t know anyone whose lives were ruined by the church, but you speak out against it. Not sure why you would do that. Do you? Go make your life of something important instead of bashing a church. Your arguments are internalized by your own suppositions. The Church does not look at the world as you do so their “goals” or “intentions” are not as you would present them.
    Please go live as happy a life as you can. Walk away and seek happiness. You will only become miserable trying to destroy this church. I have never met a happy person who tried to destroy a church.

  3. measure76 Says:

    I know LOTS of people who’s lives were ruined by the church.

    For instance, see this one:

    Recently committed suicide, apparently. Cause by mental illness compounded by the church.

    Or you could also check this post:

    Another suicide from complications of church membership.

    Not to mention all the gays that commit suicide because they can’t live up to Mormon teachings.

    The mormon church is an evil organization. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, putting on a family-friendly facade, while tearing apart the humanity of it’s most devout members.

  4. brittanytee Says:

    I don’t think I can understand you.
    I grew up Mormon.
    Somewhere in my adolescence I developed a mind of my own.
    With that I decided “Oh, this is crazy, and I don’t believe in it.”
    I also don’t think it is any crazier than any mainstream Christianity and I now subscribe to being agnostic.
    With that, however, I am generally the first I know to defend Mormonism.

    I’ve heard all of the terrible Mormon cult stories, from radical sects, sort of like Catholic priests who rape little boys, but from what I can tell most of them really are decent human beings, unlike Catholic priests.

    bad joke.

    They have amazing family values, and you could call what they do brainwashing, but only if you call every other religion brainwashing.

    and yeah. they sort of condemn homosexuality and free thinkers, but don’t most religions?

    I actually had a homosexual in my church.

    Most people really just loved him a lot and never said anything to him about Hell and standards.

    I think that most people have a mind of their own. If they’re adults who are brainwashed, too bad, they’re too incompetent to process a situation and make a decision on their own. There is nothing you can do about that.

    and if you honestly think that the Mormon Church is responsible for tearing apart families and you have seen this through people who it has happened to, I’m telling you that you’re looking at some very weak-minded people. Only a weak-minded person can be so ridiculous to be overcome by something they can’t prove and let it destroy their lives in the name of a church.

  5. measure76 Says:

    Right, you’re agnostic. Yet you still can’t see the truth about the mormon church. Okaay, then, but my blog probably isn’t for you.

    Oh, and thanks for calling the people who died weaklings. I’m sure their families would appreciate that. But it’s typical of the mormon cult members to slander those who disagree with them, and it appears that you are still a cult member.

  6. measure76 Says:

    One more thing. I would call most religions brainwashers. All religion is founded in ignorance, and a belief in imaginary deity.

  7. marcus0263 Says:

    Religion is the root of all evil IMO, especially Christianity, Islam and Judaism why?

    What do they teach… or pump into their “herds” heads?

    We are
    1) Our God is the “only real God”
    2) Others are wrong
    3) You cannot be “saved” if you don’t accept our belief
    4) The others are influenced by Satan
    5) Satan is evil
    6) You MUST obey or go to hell

    What does this breed? Genocide, Slavery, War, everything evil and history proves this to be true.

  8. Steve Nelson Says:

    Gee I guess this site is a really smart computer. It already seems to know me. I pushed the button and here I am and my name is already right there, swell.
    Yes Mormons are very nice people Individually. Just don’t get them together in groups. You may find you are run out of business with a Lying Rumor campaign or Boycott as I Was.
    I had a thriving Copy And Key convenience store back in 1989. $120.00 a day without fail I colud bring in. But I made 1 fatal error. I stood up for The Constitution and Freedom as I heard Ezra Taft Benson talk about it in old talk tapes. Yes, I am a Blaggart, I sold some Dirty Patriot books like; The Teachings of E T Benson & The Making of the Constitution by Dr Skousen oh and also the worst one of all: Called to Serve by Col. James Bo Gritz, (Then a member).
    Next within days came the LIE! It was said in church meetings that I ran an ANTI-MORMON Book Store!
    That’s just about as bad as saying somebodies a Child Molester.
    My Business was Destroyed and my first family with it! My two little kids are today messed up pretty bad and 1st wife somewhat nuts. (Or very Hostile, take your pick)
    I went and got a 2nd wife but since I can’t be allowed to make an adaquate income now she’s turned into a Frankenstiens Monster, or Very hateful. I’ve had a string of low wage maintenance jobs since my store went out in 2001. But now since may 2008 I have been unemployed and burning up tank after tank of gas looking for a job all summer.
    I gotta face it: I aint got no future and I aint a gonna have no future! I aint got nothin and I aint goina have nothin!
    It’s a great feeling waking up each morning to another dead day in a dead life. Thanks Mormons. I thank you, My kids thank you my 2 wives now thank you. Well my 2nd wife is holding on believing that there’ll be some wonderful future. Maybe with some other guy she can find one. I can’t help no one not even myself. I wish this nightmare would end.
    I am Steve Nelson at:
    RUN FORREST RUN Yep, that’s what I do.

  9. Karen Davis Says:

    The church is under condemnation for belief in polygamy “abomination”, satanic blood oaths required in the temple, and altering the Book of Mormon changing the identity of God (Jacob 2:23-24, Moses 5:29, 1 Nephi 13). And the fruits of this “great and abomiabe church?” Utah leads the nation in pornography (2007-2009), anti-depression drugs, depression (2003-2007) with high levels of abuse, pedophile internet searches, suicide, and rape (U.S. Census 2003-2007). The people treat others with gossiping (as described previously), and hateful actions unless you believe that “the prophet will never lead you astray” and “when the prophet has spoken the thinking has been done.”
    D. Michael Quinn, award-winning historian found that revelations were not written by prophets, that prophets and apostles lie (Dallin Oaks confession about lying to cover-up for Boyd Packard), and that the abominations are still going on today.
    Side Note for Steve Nelson: A non-LDS friend of mine lost his business just week after being talked into merging. I asked him; “Were they LDS?” and he said “Yes, one was a bishop and the other a stake-president.” I told him to never trust Mormon leaders as they have all taken a satanic blood oath of loyalty and secrecy in the temples.

    Interestingly, getting back to the “plain and precious truths” as contained in the original Book of Mormon (not used by any religion) exposes the extreme corruption and abominable beliefs and fulfills prophesy as contained in the BoM.
    Gordon B. Hinckley had his son-in-law murdered just five weeks (LDS/CIA drugged heart attack) after he confessed to the FBI that he wrote the bribery checks for the Winter Olympic scandal (See “Silent Witness” Salt Lake Tribune). Afterall have to keep the PR nice and tidy so that members think the leaders are infallible!
    We don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, but we know the corruption! Many scriptures and historical records confirm the statements given. Read Ann Eliza Young: 19th wife of Brigham Young who divorced him of 1875 for the evil of lustful polygamy (old Bishop castrated young rival, Brigham tyranical evil, etc.), murders of dissendents and gentiles, theft from members by BY, and BY ordering of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. This is a must read for anyone who thinks this religion is not condemned by God as the BoM, & D&C (both altered) declares.

  10. measure76 Says:

    LDS/CIA drug induced heart attack? Whatever, man.

    Yeah, I hate on the church, but I try to keep my attacks grounded in some sort of reality.

    Of course, if you have documented evidence the man’s heart attack was actually a drug-induced murder, please share.

  11. K Davis Says:

    We spoke to the person who witnessed Alan Barnes admittance to the hospital – had to make sure “problem solved.” I’ll have to get back to you with the name. He was also the scape goat for the Utah Power & Light hiking its prices and the Mormon Church getting caught for the monopoly/ price hike. He was embittered enough to tell the truth. Do you remember that?

    We know CIA agents that are LDS and have confessed to what they are required to do. It use to be the Danite Warriors who assassinated (Read Ann Eliza Young’s 1875 account of dissidents and gentiles that were killed by “Indians” very conveniently)!

    Are you aware of how many CIA agents are LDS? And what they are trained to do? Have you read “Tranceformation of America” written by CIA agent Mark Phillips and LDS member Kathy OBrien who told us what he was required to do at a mental hospital in Utah and still had nightmares about?

    Are you aware that Senator Frank Church of Idaho exposed the CIA MKUltra program in a U.S. Congressional Hearing (seen on video on the internet). In OBrien’s book, she repeats the words of Senator Byrd regarding the Mormon Prophet’s involvement in the “means justifying the end” for control of people and CIA reality involvement in heinous workings. Please research before you think that the corruption is not organized or that accidental deaths are not always accidental. That is the reality!

    Have you read the book “Hell Minus One” a verified account of satanic ritual abuse by LDS members with her abusers writing their multiple confessions after getting advice from their Bishop and Stake President?

    Have you read the interoffice memo of Presiding Bishop Glen A. Pace about the hundreds of SRA by Mormon leaders? Or the true account of “Paper Dolls” regarding SRA in affluent neighborhoods in Utah with a Prophet’s daughter and son-in-law involved (I knew the friend of the daughter).

    Read D. Michael Quinn’s research on what the Danites did and the corruption that still exists today and maybe you will get the reality.

  12. measure76 Says:

    Here’s what I would accept as valid evidence:

    An autopsy on the dead man that determined the cause of death was a drug-induced heart attack.

    Anything else is just hearsay, and if you accept hearsay, you also must accept that Joseph Smith saw GOD. I refuse to accept that kind of logic.

  13. KD Says:

    You obviously did not read my first posting. Joseph saw God as correctly stated in his own hand-written account of the First Vision. He saw ONLY God as He described “the Lord.” What you might not know is that the versions where he saw “God and Jesus” are embellished and written later.
    We do not throw out the baby with the bathwater, as stated. But Joseph Smith did fall as he warned by God to not “follow your own will and carnal desires or you will fall…” D&C 3:1-11

    The “entire church under condemnation by God” (D&C 84:54-58),

    “ye, by your own works, bring cursings, wrath,…judgments…by your follies and by all your abominations, which you practise before me, saith the Lord” D&C 123:47-48).

    with a need for the “cleansing of the Lord’s House:”

    “Behold, vengeance commeth…and upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall if go forth, saith the Lord; First among those among you saith the Lord, who have professed to know my name and have not known me, and have blasphemed against me in the midst of my house, saith the Lord” (D&C 112:24-26)

    And exactly who in the leadership of the church is corrupt??? And who is to judge them???

    “For it shall come to pass that the inhabitants shall judge all things pertaining to Zion. And liars and hypocrites shall be proved by them, and they who are NOT apostles and prophets shall be known. And even the bishop, who is a judge, and his counselors,…shall be condmned…” (D&C 64:38-40).

    (Any authentic revelations by these men?; other than building a 1.5 billion mall and asking for more tithing and “blind obedience” since they will “never lead you astray”)

    Any later revelation by a “profit” (sic) (aside from Joseph Smith although he had seven good years and seven bad years 2 Nephi 3 ~ did you know JS repented of polygamy and masonry? keep reading…) were embellished for political purposes: stopping polygamy (wink, wink), giving blacks the priesthood (either that or lose $$$). The Manifest for example was NOT written by Wilford Woodruff as testified in a court of law.

    “Apostle Richard Lyman was excommunicated in 1943 for a polygamist marriage he’d entered into in 1925” (Quinn, historical records of church).

    Wilford Woodruff brought forth the “Manifesto” abolishing the heinous practice of polygamy for financial purposes. Historical research disputes that this “revelation” was even written by Woodruff!

    A quote from D. Michael Quinn’s “LDS Church Authority and New Plural Marriages”:
    Who wrote the Manifesto?… when asked about it at the witness stand, a secretary in the First Presidency’s office, George Reynolds, testified in 1904, “I assisted to write it in collaboration with Charles W. Penrose and John R. Winder”(Quinn LDS).

    “This people begin to wax in iniquity; they understand not the scriptures, for they seek to excuse themselves in committing whoredoms, because of the things which were written concerning David and Solomon his son. Behold, David and Solomon truly had many wives and concubines, which thing was abominable before me, saith the Lord”(Book of Mormon: Jacob 2:23-24).

    Joseph Smith repented of the abominations of polygamy and masonry just before he was masonically murdered:
    He later got involved in masonry (satanic blood oaths of secrecy) and polygamy, “an abomination unto the Lord” (Moses 5:29, Book: Jacob2:23-24).
    Unknown to most Mormons, Joseph Smith’s repentance is contained in a book by award-winning historian D. Michael Quinn, “The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power:”

    June 10, 1844: “Hyrum (Joseph’s brother) tells Nauvoo City Council that the 1843 revelation pertains to ancient polygamy, not to modern times…”
    June 20, 1844: “Smith writes the apostles to return to Nauvoo immediately and.., instructs them to destroy their endowment undergarments.”
    June 23, 1844: “…Joseph and Emma Smith burn the original manuscript of the 1843 polygamy revelation…” (Quinn 645-46).
    D&C 132 is embellished falsehoods politically added in 1857 to justify polygamy going against what the Book of Mormon says!

    It is a
    poor religion that
    can’t stand the test
    of thinking.”
    PLEASE do your research about the church being under condemnation and how the “cleansing of the Lord’s House” will occur. It will not be God who IS Jesus Christ, yea the Eternal Father (Alma 11:23-40, Ether 3:14, Mosiah 15:1-5, etc. in original BoM).
    It will be the members that do their research and wake up to why polygamy is an abomination and why a blood oath of secrecy is satanic (never of God), and why the alteration of the Book of Mormon changing the identity of God “taking out the plain and precious truths of the Book of the Lamb (BoM) by the great and abominable church” was NOT a good thing to do. It was much more than “spelling and grammar.”

    Do your research and then comment intelligently, please! Not everything will be handed to you on a silver plate. And you can not be moderate and complacent when a Prophet Hinckley says in 1996 General Conference “All is Well in Zion” as warned of in 2 Nephi 28!!!

    The Book of Mormon is a warning to the Saints!! not to any other people.

    http://www.bridgingtruthcom (Torah, Bible, and Original Book of Mormon agree there is only ONE God!) (written during confirmed sabotage to cars, slander, etc. by “Mormon Mafia” modern day “Danite Warriers” This site will be redone with researched confirmation throughout. Some insight on Cities of Peace shown during a profound Near Death Experience.

    Please wake up naive person…

  14. measure76 Says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize you believed in skydaddy. My bad.

    If you can believe there is an all-powerful being watching everything everyone does every second of every minute of every day, and he has a purpose for each and every one of us…

    I guess you can believe anything.

  15. KD Says:

    I believe the truth and I believe in God that allows men their free-agency. He came to this earth to give us an example, but not to do it for us or to save us from ourselves.

    Don’t have too much to say that is intelligent? Seems that you believe in nothing!

    Do your reside in the “great and spacious building” of the Molly Morons or are you in the “muddy waters?” as warned of for today in Lehi & Nephi’s dreams of several “great and spacious buildings” & two “great and abominable churches” (early Christian Church for omitting spiritual teachings of Christ confirming women’s equality, Catholic Church for greed, murder, & control, and Mormon Church for false doctrines having crept in by greed, lust, and power issues.

    There is a reason Christ told us to SEEK after truth. It won’t be given on a silver platter nor will He clean up the ocrruption for us. Have you done any research yet???

  16. measure76 Says:

    I am a rationalist. An Atheist.

    Your god is laughably illogical.

  17. KD Says:

    I was right; you believe in nothing. I do not mean this rudely.

    Even Darwin believed in God’s use of Natural Selection of Evolution as evidence of free agency and the “divine order.” (Have done extensive research on the life of Darwin; a very intelligent, good man.

    This is correct as the Bible has been subjected to thousands of years of men’s interpretations, mistranslations, and omissions and cannot be taken literally and is illogical as you say. Luckily, the divinely translated BoM (records of “the other sheep” taught by Christ) has only gone through one alteration by the “learned men” (enemies to God) and won’t be that hard to get it back to its easily understood, plain and precious truths taken out by the “great and abominable church.”

    I love the original Book of Mormon; there are so many prohesies and type and shadows already fulfilled and being fulfilled. It is a simple, pure history of God.

    I would assume you are as most Atheists disappointed that God allows evil; expecting Him to clean up the mess and not allow Free Agency. That was Lucifer’s plan to control everyone for “perfection” and self-glory. God’s plan is simple; free agency with choice of good or evil (in abundance for the last 6,000 years).

    Now we are in the transition time of the Millennium and God’s influence is coming forth exposing corruption beginning in His House with a “whirlwind” in Salt Lake City in 1999 fulfillment of D&C 11224-26 unnoticed by nonscripture reading Mormons…
    just as “All is Well in Zion” by a false prophet/Anti-Christ went unnoticed…
    just as the satanic/masonic patriarchal grip of Monson and Bush Jr. went unnoticed…
    just as teaching lawyer/liars to say the right thing for solicitation purposes went unnoticed…
    just as the illogical for-profit business of a 1.5 billion $$$ shopping mall rather than taking care of the poor went unnoticed…

    My husband had a profound near death experience and everything that he was told so far has come true!!! I’ve had profound spiritual events witnessed thankfully by others and I know what I know without any doubt.

    Have a fun life of no-hope and believing in nothing. (sigh)
    The Lord is more disappointed and angry at the Molly Morons who have been given much than at you.

    I do wish you the very best sincerely and I apologize for getting perturbed.

  18. measure76 Says:

    Let me comment on each of your paragraphs, in order.

    1-Appeal to authority. Even if Darwin did believe in God, which I’m not going to really argue here, His beliefs have nothing to do with my own. FAIL

    2-Based on paragraph one not failing. FAIL

    3-No prophechy in the book of mormon has ever come to pass. FAIL

    4-This paragraph assumes atheists believe in God. TREMENDOUS FAIL!

    5- This paragraph rambles, and has no point. FAIL

    6- You say your husband had a prophetic dream without mentioning any prophecies. FAIL FAIL FAIL until he publishes one of these prophecies, and THEN it comes to pass. Sorry.

    7-Assumes I have no hope and believe in nothing. While it is true I believe there is no God, this does not mean I believe in nothing. FAIL

    That’s a bunch of nice FAILs for you. good work.

  19. KD Says:

    I do extremely good work! However, your Failures are NOT mine.

    Keep your illusions and your nonbelief, after all, for your remaining lifetime your ignorance is bliss!!!

    I know that Atheists do not believe in God. Hellooo, their denial is usually preceeded by anger, such as, “Why does God allow evil; hence, there is no God.” This is a ludicrous causational conclusion with no merit.

    Regarding paragraph six, why should I mention anything of his experience to you when you are so ignorant of so much.

    Have a great life as short as it is!

  20. measure76 Says:


    Your husband’s vision is PROOF that there is a God.

    But you won’t talk about why it is proof.


    Do you hear how ludicrous that sounds? If you aren’t willing to back up a claim, DON’T USE IT!

    Also, you keep trying to pin weird Atheistic sounding philosophies on me.

    Look, I can’t prove there is no God, but I can prove that the Christian God, if he exists, is evil.

    I would rather live in a reality with no God than a fantasy with an evil God.

  21. KD Says:

    Here is my own proof for you, although this is probably casting pearls before swine as the Bible states, meaning that no matter what I say you will discredit you… This is the ONLY reason I really don’t care to share sacred things with someone on your blasphemous level.

    Here goes just one of my own experiences to see what filth you come back with:

    I was in my daughter’s bedroom when she says to me, “Mom, Jesus is here” I looked to where she was pointing. But even before that I could feel the spiritual energy. She was correct. Then Jesus spoke and I heard it in my mind (knowledge too special for you at your present state of being) and then I was told to go see someone. I did not want to but I did it. Sure enough that person was contemplating suicide… My daughter still remembers this event and I will never forget it and the person who did not kill themselves that day was amazed that I came when I did. So that is three involved in this experience.

    Before I tell you anymore validated experiences you have to be willing to learn. Otherwise, why waste my time? I know what I know and no religion on this earth has the pure truth due to the influence of evil on this earth causing false men’s interpretations.
    God does allow free agency. Luckily, we are in a special time period as I’ve stated where the influence of God is starting a clean-up. With the corruption of the LDS church first (as prophesied D&C 112) is being exposed first. Have you done any research or are you too lazy and/or opinionated to learn anything?

    God is NOT evil, men and women are evil!!! Control is not of God, but free agency is.

  22. measure76 Says:

    Wow. You’ve seen and spoken to Jesus? Amazing. You should be a prophetess.

    I hope you can understand, that since you didn’t take time to get a good picture of him, I won’t be able to accept your story as proof.

    As for God being evil… I’ll go with the life-saving analogy.

    Say a man is trapped, in a position where if he stays there, he will die.

    If you have the opportunity to save this man, but choose to let him die instead, you could be convicted of manslaughter. Morally and Legally you would have done an evil thing to let someone die when you could have taken action to save them.

    Now, God has all the power in the universe. God could save anyone from dying. Yet, he lets people die all the time.

    Therefore, God is evil.

    Now, you may say that I just don’t understand God’s purposes.

    I would agree, except, I can tell you that those purposes are clearly evil, as letting people die when you could save them, is evil.

  23. KD Says:

    Nope, I’m just a pure-hearted person. Oh yeah, mmmm “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” It’s another true statement…
    There are thousands of people in the world who have seen or heard or had an experience with God. Too many historically to deny Him. Replete with historical records. Dying or rather going home is not a bad thing to God. Look at the earthquakes around the world historically when Christ was crucified. What we do in this life IS important because you can fail spiritually. There is no free lunch.

    Your having no faith is not realistic. As Darwin found there is Divine order in all things. I’d say you are bitter and have given up hope. Possibly, hate or apathy (“I don’t care anymore”) is a better emotion than despair. Many great things are happening to expose corruption and many wonderful divine truths are coming forth that this life is very exciting! Did you watch the DaVinci Code? There were some good truths to be learned from that apart from the evil of secret organizations of which the LDS church and Catholic church are involved with in the upper levels heavy duty…

    God knows that there is more than just this life e.g. we do not die in a sense, we just enter a higher (or lower) dimension.
    Now, if God were to save this trapped person from coming back “home” it would violate free agency. So please get off your density. We are on this earth to learn, to live, to love each other. Sometimes, it takes hard lessons to learn that. The greatest example is what Jeus did for us. He gave his life for us and then He came back to life! Sorry, the bad things that happen on this earth are because of mankind not getting the lesson.
    Hope this lesson helps you.
    The only way you will ever learn truth is to seek after it. It is not found in any organized religion as they are ALL corrupt with the LDS church being the most corrupt because they were given so much and corrupted it (See above informative posts).
    If you are too lazy or bitter or hateful that you choose not to seek truth, then stay at your level of negativity or (just as bad) mediocrity. It does matter what we do with our lives and with our heart. You can only “see” God if you develop a pure heart. Your heart is set on blaming God for all of MANKINDS evil. That is being lame (b-lame).
    We are now in a time of transition with God’s Spirit in charge. Will you be a part of the clean-up (God will NOT do it for us) or are you too stuck in your negative/lazy thinking? It takes effort to achieve a higher level of living and every blindly obedient Molly Moron is actually on your same level of not seeking truth. If a parent were to prevent their child from experiencing life to keep her/him safe, e.g. controlled and in a cage, how would growth occur? Free Agency is the foundation of this earth, for us to succeed (develop a pure heart, come to know God rather than dogma) or to fail (believe in tradition or hate God because of waa waa waa).
    Do you want me to call the waaaambulance?

    (Sorry, I know that was facetious, but I could not help it)! LOL
    Are you contributing to evil or to good? Those are our choices everyday. And if you have a pure heart then your ACTIONS will be good. No one is saved on just faith! That is a lazy person’s false hope that no matter what they do (steal, lie, gossip, judge others, murder, etc) they can say:
    “I believe in Jesus” Amen Brother” and be saved, nor can any preacher, prophet, bishop save you either. This is ridiculous. It’s between each individual and God. Blind obedience and stupidity does not cut it either.

  24. measure76 Says:

    Yes, history is replete with examples of people claiming to have seen God. These people universally offer zero actual evidence of what they see.

    As for blaming mankind’s evil on God, I do not. I only blame God’s evil on him. Re-read my last post for my complete proof as to why God is indeed, Evil.

  25. Demand The Truth Says:

    These two quotes show that the Mormon church thinks of its members as slaves:

    1) A quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley about baptism in the Mormon church and obligation:

    “I want to say to every one of you, to every man, woman, and child who has been baptized, that you have taken upon yourself a very serious responsibility in being baptized, an obligation to live the gospel all the days of your life, to be the kind of man or woman that you ought to be.”

    Source: Ensign, January 1998, Page 72.

    2) A quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley about independence, freedom, and obligation:

    “One has neither independence nor freedom from bondage when he is obligated to others.”

    Source: Ensign, November 1998, Page 51.

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