The Mormon Delusion

At RfM, poster Jimmy Rainbow has the following news about his new book, “The Mormon Delusion”.

After three years of full time research and writing, following his accidental discovery of polyandry, Jim Whitefield (a.k.a. Jimmy Rainbow on RfM), announces publication of the first of three books covering the hoax of Mormonism.
“The Mormon Delusion. Volume 1. The truth Behind Polygamy and Secret Polyandry” is now available worldwide, in five currencies; in Hardback; Paperback; or as a download, from and in a few weeks time books will also be available from Amazon or on order from UTLM or any good bookstore.   

Jim’s Storefront can be accessed at: 

Where the cover and several pages of the book can be viewed and book reviews can also be left. 

This work is a hard hitting, impassioned exposé of the truth behind Mormon polygamy and little known polyandry. This is not a one sided, sugar coated book of Mormon fiction such as the Church produces. It is pure unadulterated evidence of the truth which the Mormon Church hides from members so they won’t ask questions for which there are no theological answers.

Further details of Jim and his work, plus previews of all the chapters in all three volumes of The Mormon Delusion are now available at: 

where there are also links to the storefront and other useful web sites. Jim can now be contacted at: 

What other authors have had to say about Volume 1:

Jim Whitefield’s “THE MORMON DELUSION. VOLUME 1 – 
The Truth Behind Polygamy and secret Polyandry” 
Is an excellent book for casual and serious readers. 
It presents new information about the secret 
And shocking aspects of early Mormon marriage.

Arza Evans

Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, secretly married over thirty women; some already married to living men, and had sexual relations with many of these women without the knowledge of his single “public” wife Emma. Most Mormons know nothing about this as it is left out of the one-sided histories Mormons are spoon fed by their church. After 43 years as a dedicated Mormon, Jim Whitefield was astonished to learn the true history of plural marriage as practised by Mormonism’s earliest leaders. In a thoroughly researched and “tell it like it is” approach Whitefield details the murky origins of plural marriage and its tragic consequences in the lives of numerous Mormon women.

Simon Southerton
Author of Losing a Lost Tribe; 
Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church. 

“The Mormon Delusion. Volume 2: The Secret Truth Withheld from Thirteen Million Mormons” will be available in April or May of 2009. 

“The Mormon Delusion. Volume 3: Discarded Doctrines & Nonsense Revelations” should follow by June or July of 2009. 

My thanks to the RfM posters who volunteered to proof read the odd chapter for me last year. Group acknowledgement is made to RfM posters who read for me, in my books. Again, I want to say thank you for the encouragement and support I have been shown, by posters and also by Eric and everyone at RfM. Writing has been my therapy and if someone else is helped by my work then that is a bonus. Naturally, I would love to hear from anyone who feels they have gained some insight into more of the real truth through my work. 

I have a very limited supply of signed hardback and paperback books available that may be of interest to people in the U.K. Please email for details. Postage costs will be cheaper than Lulu for hardback, the same for paperback. People outside the UK will find postage cheaper by purchasing direct from my Lulu bookstore. Just click on the link from my web site. 

Please note my email address will shortly disappear but I can be contacted at in future. 

Jim Whitefield

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6 Responses to “The Mormon Delusion”

  1. Andrew Price Says:

    Thank you for what appears to be a fascinating book – can you tell us what triggered you to realise the terrible teachings and errors of Mormonism .

  2. measure76 Says:

    I’m not Jimmy Rainbow. He should be available to answer questions at the bulletin board, except the boards are down today (3/1/09) for maintenance.

    He may also be able to answer your questions at the links provided in his post above.

    There is always the chance that he will find this blog and answer your questions here, but I don’t see that as highly likely.

  3. Jim Whitefield Says:

    If you go to the web site and click on the “About the Author” tab, that question will be answered. You can email me direct at if you have more detailed questions which I will try to answer.

  4. measure76 Says:

    Well, what do you know, Thanks for stopping by, Jimmy.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    you guys are obsessed…did some mormon somewhere offend you?

  6. measure76 Says:

    Yes. I am highly offended that Joseph Smith was not actually a prophet of God, but rather an opportunistic pedophile.

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