Mormon Answer Man Destroyed on Youtube

I present the following with only one small comment: It’s freaken’ awesome!

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10 Responses to “Mormon Answer Man Destroyed on Youtube”

  1. Fabian Says:

    The video is down :(

  2. measure76 Says:

    A copyright claim? What the hell? While Anti could probably fight this and get his video restored, I hope the world sees it as yet ANOTHER example of mormons hiding the truth.

  3. measure76 Says:

    Now Anti took down his response. Don’t know why… it was good. I hope my ranting didn’t put him over the top on his decision.

    I am considering a couple of options, including a finely detailed slam of every single mormonanswerman video here on this blog.

    But that would take a lot of time and effort. Maybe I’ll do a trial run soon.

  4. ATX Says:

    I decided that when a man threatens lawsuits that it is best to consult a lawyer before doing anything rash. I do not feel like I’ve done anything liable, but I can’t be sure until after a legitimate professional consultation. Everything will probably get restored eventually, but I’d rather let the harsh emotions settle first.

  5. 666mole Says:

    Here, it’s been revived. Show your friends!

  6. measure76 Says:

    Unfortuneately, I cannot confirm the audio until about 10 hours from now. But If ATX himself comes and confirms it, I’ll add the link to the main post immediately.

  7. AnticitizenX Says:

    I hear you need a confirmation of some kind? The video you see linked is actually the one I posted on my FilmRookie account. The video is mostly the same as the original, but with all the typos fixed. Feel free to share/mirror all you want. Unless specifically stating otherwise, all my vids are free to mirror as you please.

  8. measure76 Says:

    Oh, Thanks. I forgot about this post. sorry 666 mole. Moving the working link up to the top.

  9. Jill Says:

    Book Of Mormon Evidences are being discovered all over the MidWest. Check out the Hopewell Civilization and the Russ Burrows cave.

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