Ask a Anti-Mormon

Inspired by all the “ask a mormon” pages I see around the internet, I present this page. Ask me anything, about the church, about life, I’ll try to give some good Atheist answers.

2 Responses to “Ask a Anti-Mormon”

  1. Chad Whitacre Says:

    How prominently do the space underpants actually figure into things? (They’re called “temple garments,” right? Which temple?)

  2. measure76 Says:

    Sorry, I got Redditted this week and forgot about your question.

    Garments are called Temple Garments because as part of the mormon temple ceremony, you covenant to wear them always, for the rest of your life. Most people are smart enough to shower and have sex without them on.

    Any temple-going church member will be wearing these things, underwear and undershirt, 24/7.

    They are relevant to every mormon Temple.

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